Music Monday: Werewolves of London

As you may or may not be aware, Music Monday has become a Twitter tradition where users share their music recommendations every Monday. Some bloggers participate too, so I thought, why not? I know this is a film blog, but my opinions on music can be just as strong as my opinions on film. Even if the music I post isn’t always relevant to classic film, I will at least try to stay as “vintage” as I can for as long as possible.

Since the theme of the month is Horror, the songs I’ve picked for this month are all appropriate for Halloween. Then again, I’m the kind of person who thinks Halloween music is appropriate for any time of the year. And my first choice for Music Monday is a perfect example. While many might consider the late Warren Zevon’s 1978 rock song “Werewolves of London” to be a tune best limited to October, it is, in fact, my favorite song of all time. It’s the one song I could listen to on a loop every day for the rest of my life and never get sick of hearing it. I’ve even dressed up as a Werewolf of London for Halloween!

Not pictured: Union Jack pocket square.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “Hey – 1978? She didn’t stick to the ‘vintage’ theme very long! And this has nothing to do with classic film!” Well hey, I’m twenty-three; anything made before 1987 is vintage to me. As for that second part, you’re totally wrong! “Werewolves of London,” in fact, contains one of my all-time favorite musical classic film references:

Well, I saw Lon Chaney walking with the Queen,
Doing the Werewolves of London.
I saw Lon Chaney, Jr., walking with the Queen,
Doing the Werewolves of London.

So ha! Take that! I love and adore Lon Chaney (could take or leave Creighton), which is part of the reason why I love and adore this song. That and the line “Little old lady got mutilated late last night.” That’s just genius, pure and simple.

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