Friday Glam Spam: Madge Bellamy

Image Source: Starlet Showcase

Another new feature! (But they’re all new features, what with the blog being new and all.) Every Friday I plan to post a Glam Spam, a small flood of photographs of a star I find particularly glamorous or photogenic. Or, you know, just somebody I like. Today’s star is Madge Bellamy (1899 – 1990), who made her film debut in 1920 and left the industry in 1945 following a well-publicized scandal in which she was accused of shooting at (but not hitting) her married lover. “I only winged him,” she said of the incident, “which is what I meant to do. Believe me, I’m a crack shot.” Bellamy’s appearance here does fit with the Horror theme of the month, and, if you’re smart, may give you a little clue as to which 1930s horror film I intend to review this Sunday. Click images to see full-size.

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Image Source: Doctor Macro

Image Source: Doctor Macro

Image Source: Doctor Macro

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  1. Man! I’ve never heard of her before, but she is fab! I adore the picture with the umbrella.

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