Friday Glam Spam: Paul Newman

I gave Paul Newman (1925 – 2008) a pretty bad review on Wednesday, and since its publication I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about it. To be fair, the movie really did stink, and I think I redeemed myself by spending a good third of the review talking about how much I love Hud (1963). But to make things perfectly clear: Paul Newman is not only one of my favorite actors, but one of my favorite beings ever to exist. He was a beautiful and humble man, a brilliant actor and director, a loving husband (don’t even get me started on his relationship with Joanne Woodward, you guys, I will seriously cry), a wicked comedian, and a selfless humanitarian. But you know all that, so I’m not even going to bother saying any more. We got all that nasty feminism out of the way in the film review; now is the time to sit back, turn our brains off, and do us a little Newman-ogling. You’re welcome.

(Some of these photos have been saved on my hard drive for years, and therefore don’t have image credits because I don’t remember where they came from. I’m assuming they’re from the now-defunct Simply Classics website.)

Image Source: Just 1 Foot in Yellow

Image Source: Doctor Macro

Image Source: Christian Montone

With wife Joanne Woodward.

With Joanne again.

Image Source: The Liza Family Blog


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  1. Kim (the zombie variety)

     /  November 5, 2010

    Yay! This made me happy. And then I had to go Google “Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward,” and it made me even MORE happy. <3

    • Yeah, I wanted to focus mostly on Paul here because I have literally HUNDREDS of pictures of the two of them & I wouldn’t be able to narrow it down to the best ones; plus I saved them all before he died, so photos that used to make me happy now make me CRY FOREVER & EVER. :'( Joanne Woodward is definitely my favorite living actress. I don’t understand how these two manage to be so perfect & yet so… nonirritating in their perfection.

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