“Did you think you were God, Pikachu?”

A friend of mine recently made something completely ridiculous and yet completely amazing, and it’s so good I just had to share it with you. Can you guess which classic movie this little Pikachu is reenacting? Find out (and see more pictures of the full scene) under the cut!

My brilliant girlfriend Molly, with whom I cohabitate, is part of an online community of Pokémon enthusiasts. You remember Pokémon, the video game about dueling monsters which soon expanded into a tabletop card game, an anime series, and a theme park before it quietly yet forcefully took over the entire world in the 1990s. For Halloween this particular community, which mainly focuses on the collection and trade of Pokémon toys and memorabilia, held a contest in which the participants were encouraged to enter a photograph of their Pokémon figurines dressed up for Halloween. For her contest entry, Molly chose – for some inexplicable reason, which I can’t claim to understand but won’t complain about because why on earth would I – to reenact a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s groundbreaking 1948 suspense thriller Rope, starring Jimmy Stewart, Farley Granger, and John Dall, using several of her tiny plastic Pikachus. The results… well, the results speak for themselves.

The diorama features murderer Brandon Shaw (Pikachu) gleefully fondling the rope he’s just used to strangle school chum David Kentley (Pikachu), while accomplice Phillip Morgan (Pikachu) cries out in terror as their hideous crime is discovered by professor Rupert Cadell (a cameo appearance by Pikachu). It’s not exactly a specific scene straight from the film, but she’s definitely captured the spirit of the movie. You can almost hear Jimmy Stewart’s craggy old voice coming from that Pikachu in the back.

The details (including the entire wooden trunk) were molded from polymer clay and are flawless. I can claim absolutely no credit for this – all I did was provide the DVD and a few choice screencaps to aid in Molly’s “process” – but I am proud to have witnessed it take shape live and in person. It was a truly inspiring project which may not have won the contest it was created for, but will always be a winner in my heart.

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  1. Kim (the zombie variety)

     /  November 15, 2010

    Caroline and Molly–
    Can I adopt you guys? Please?

    • Kim (the zombie variety)

       /  November 15, 2010

      Ooo! Better idea: you guys adopt me! :D

  2. Brilliantly, wickedly funny, Caroline! Your Pokemon take on ROPE brings a new twist to their catchphrase “Gotta catch ’em all!” :-)

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