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Annnnnnnd we’re back. Apologies for the sudden absence. Yes, I was busy with family and Thanksgiving, but mostly I was just suffering from blog burnout and a whopping dose of depression. Not to get too personal, but it’s pretty devastating to struggle through four years of college only to find yourself completely unemployable just because you were unlucky enough to graduate at exactly the wrong time. Wah wah waaaaaaah. Anyway! No more Debbie Downer. I shall rally!

On that slightly desperate note, I’m just gonna leave this here…


I feel as though I sort of dropped the ball on the theme of the month for November, mostly because I just wasn’t that interested in the films I chose to review. Sorry, I’m still new to this blogging thing. Happily, I’m very excited about December’s theme, although it’s sort of a depressing one: In Memoriam, in which I review films featuring people who passed away in 2010. We lost some greats this year, and I’m eager to honor both those we all remember and those you may not have heard of.

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Pretty sure that’s all I had to say. I hate that I didn’t pop out as many posts in my second month as my first month, but I am still trying to work out a blogging schedule that flows well with the rest of my life. I thank all my friends and well-wishers for bearing with me. With so much support, I’ll surely be back on my feet in no time.

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  1. Kim (the zombie variety)

     /  November 30, 2010

    Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. I had a similar experience the last, oh, three years, and then I went to hide in graduate school. Things will get better soon! You will find a job. And your self-worth is not defined by your employability! You’re awesome!
    I thought you were taking a month off?

    • No, I just took the end of the month off, starting fresh for December. Thanks for the encouragement, Kim. You’re always my best commenter. :D

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