Site News: January

Oh my little bloggy friends! I have been so terrible. I was doing so well at keeping updated this month, but then I got a job and it threw everything into chaos. But do not fret! Because I have since quit said job so that I can focus more on blogging. (Not true. Okay, well, I did actually quit the job, but not because of blogging, just because it was making me physically ill and I couldn’t justify sticking with it for such meager pay.) I never finished my December 2010 theme In Memoriam, which makes me feel just awful, but those last few tribute posts will be my first reviews for January 2011. After that I plan to do away with monthly themes for the most part, as I don’t seem to be very good at keeping up with them. I feel a looser schedule will give me more flexibility and keep my inspiration fresh. You’ll notice a few other changes as well; I’ve already implemented the biggest one, which is a brand new layout! That last one got a bit stuffy; I hope the new format makes the blog easier to read and navigate.

Other than those boring bits of business, I also wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year! I am spending New Year’s Eve watching all the movies on my Netflix Instant queue that are expiring on January 1. Here’s the TCM Remembers 2010 video to depress you and make you look forward to happier days ahead. :)

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