Introducing… Instant Classics

If you’ve been following this blog for a while (like… longer than a month), you may remember my now-discontinued TCM This Week feature, where every Saturday I listed a few of my recommendations for what to watch on Turner Classic Movies that week. The problem with this series and the reason I discontinued it is because I don’t… actually… have TCM.

I’ll give that a minute to sink in.

Long story short, I’m unemployed, I (basically) live at home, and I don’t have cable. If TCM airs something I absolutely HAVE to watch (like when they showed The Subject Was Roses earlier this month), I do have somewhere I can go to watch it. But that source doesn’t have a DVR, so if the movie is airing late at night or early in the morning (remember I’m in California, which makes TCM’s EST-biased programming schedule a major pain sometimes), I’m just screwed. Therefore, writing every week about what I could be watching if I had TCM got to be pretty tedious, not to mention unspeakably frustrating. Fortunately, I do have Netflix and a Wii which allows me to stream Instant titles directly to my television; this provides a steady torrent of classic film options, more than I can even keep up with. To help me keep my queue in check, and because I know I’m not alone, I’ve decided to start a new monthly feature which I think will be extremely useful to classic film fans who use Netflix Instant. Harnessing the power of the incredibly-helpful Instantwatcher (imagine browsing Instant options and being able to filter out anything made after 1969!!!) and FeedFliks, each month I will provide a list of a variety of classic films coming to Netflix this month as well as films which will soon become unavailable. Each link will take you to the Netflix page of the film in question; if it is after the listed date of availability, you will find the option to add this title to your Instant queue (and vice-versa for the expiring titles). I will attempt to keep you abreast of any additions or changes by updating the post as the new month progresses.

For those of you who are interested in this service and wish to follow it exclusively, without being bombarded with my other blog content (the nerve!), you can follow the dedicated RSS. The RSS post for the month will be updated with any new information just as the regular blog post is. So, you see, I really am providing this as a service.

For those of you who have Netflix, I hope this information assists you in making your viewing choices; and if you don’t have Netflix, maybe this will inspire you to get it! I’m not trying to promote the service, but it certainly makes life for us TCM-less orphans a little more bearable.

…And now this post has gone on for way too long to fit as a “brief” introduction. February’s list of films will go up in a minute!


  1. I don’t have TCM either. I can’t afford the cost (the digital cable package that contains it is super expensive and they don’t do a-la-carte) and I can’t afford the time. I survived! There are so many ways to watch classic films without TCM. I love TCM and will watch it when I visit my parents’ home but I’ve been able to live successfully as a classic film fan without it.

    • I don’t think I could even accurately review movies I’d just seen once on TCM anyway; I still need to go back and re-watch parts to double-check that my impressions are accurate. In time I could probably learn to take pretty good notes, but with so many classic film options on Netflix it just isn’t worth the money I’d spend on some otherwise-useless cable package.

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