Show of Hands for Proposed Blogathon

Hello all, this is just a little query to my classic film blogger buddies out there about a future blogathon I’m thinking of hosting. You may remember that back in October (this blog’s first month of existence) I reviewed one horror film from each decade, from the 1910s to the 1980s. Since June is official LGBT Pride month here in the U.S., I was thinking of doing the same thing for LGBT-themed films this coming June. Then I thought, why not turn it into a community project – a blogathon? It wouldn’t have to be a month long, and not everyone would have to do a post for each decade (that’s just my plan); it could be one day, three days, a week, all depending on how many people want to participate. Any posts on the subject of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender – anything that could possibly fall under the umbrella term of “queer” (and yes I am aware that LGBT is just the short list) – themes or individuals relevant to classic film would be acceptable. Reviews or analyses of specific films or scenes, nonfiction book reviews, or profiles of actors or filmmakers would all be considered applicable, so long as they somehow fit the theme.

I don’t want to go into too many details right now; this is simply a query to see if anyone would even be interested in participating in such an event. If you can’t think of any ideas for posts right now, don’t worry about it; responding here in no way obligates you to contribute when June finally rolls around. Plus I’d be more than happy to provide some examples of where to find especially interesting “coded” depictions of queer themes in Hays Code-era films. All I need is a show of hands and a pat on the back to let me know that, if I did do a blogathon on this topic, I wouldn’t be the only one contributing. I’ve never hosted a blogathon before, but I think it would be fun to organize and manage; but if the response is larger than expected, I might look for a second blogger to help me host it. Give a shout in the comments if you’d be interested in helping out in this way, too.


  1. You can count me in, Garbo….I just watched a movie the other day that I had not seen in years. It has received bad press since then because although it was groundbreaking in its day, it now appears caricatured. I’m talking about “The Boys in the Band.” It kind of reminds me of the bad rap that black actors of the past so often receive for the only kind of work they were allowed to do. Anyway, I’d love to do that one!

    • Great, Becky! Glad to have your support! I’m afraid I still haven’t seen The Boys in the Band (been meaning to for years) but I know about it and it’s definitely an interesting one to discuss.

  2. Count me in as a ‘maybe’.

  3. Brandie

     /  March 8, 2011

    I’m in. And if you need help organizing/etc., let me know.

    • Great! Thank you! It’s still a while off so I’ve got more thinking to do, but I will most likely take you up on that offer.

  4. What movie is that image from?

  5. I probably will do it. I’m brainstorming movies that I can talk about haha

  6. Page

     /  March 10, 2011

    I would be glad to participate also if it’s not close to the next CMBA blogathon! I was going to respond to your tweet about it the other night but I didn’t see it until long after you were gone.
    Is it okay to do a snarky photo review or considering the theme I would be glad to keep it serious! I look forward to more details.

    • Thanks Page! The next CMBA blogathon is in mid-May, so I think I’m safe doing this one in June. A snarky photo review would be fine, as long as it’s not outwardly offensive. :P

  7. Just let us know over at YAM Magazine with some time, so we can prepare. =D

  8. kittypackard

     /  March 25, 2011

    I’m late on this, but I’m totally THERE!!

  9. Yeah, get crackin’!! LOL. I’m really looking forward to writing for this one!

  10. Must really plan ahead xD We already did two reviews for LGBT-themed movies… must save some for later ;D

  11. Yes, yes, yes. Count me in!

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