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Ladies and gentlemen, you are now officially reading an award-winning classic film blog. That’s right – I’ve been tagged by Clara of Via Margutta 51 to receive the Stylish Blogger Award! This means a lot coming from a blogger as stylish as Clara. A native of Chile, Clara posts (in English) everything from film reviews to photographs to actor profiles, but from her own completely unique point of view. What I love about Via Margutta 51 is how creative Clara’s posts are, and the wildly imaginative (and super fun!) ways she chooses to express her admiration for stars and films. I think her most recent post, on her completely awesome (though unfinished) stop-motion animated reenactment of Wait Until Dark (1967), is a perfect example. And be sure not to miss the fonts she’s made out of the handwritings of Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly – how original and fun is that?!? I was so delighted to receive this award from one of my favorite classic film bloggers out there. Thank you again, Clara!

Now, the stipulations of this award state that I must post seven stylish facts about myself. I’m flattered that my blog is considered “stylish,” because in reality I’m probably one of the least-stylish people you could imagine. But I promise to do my best.

1. I do not have a single piercing (not even my ears) or tattoo. I don’t smoke, drink coffee, or drive. I’m practically Amish.
2. I had not actually seen the film Ninotchka (1939) before I started this blog, even though I stole the film’s tagline for my blog name. :)
3. My current ringtone is the chorus from Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” and has been so for going on two years.
4. The very first movie I saw in a theater was Disney’s The Little Mermaid (1989), but I was only two so I don’t remember it.
5. The movie I have seen the most times in my life is, without a doubt, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994). The first summer I owned the VHS I watched it three times a day for a month. I have no idea how many times I’ve actually seen it, but I’d estimate it at between 200-300.
6. I am related to Gregory Peck – allegedly. My paternal grandmother (who died before I was born) was a Peck, and she knew Gregory when they both attended UC Berkeley. They weren’t close friends, but whenever they passed on campus they’d greet each other, “Hi, Cousin!” If he was her first cousin, then that would make him my first cousin twice removed (because I am two generations younger). However, we also have a book of genealogy prepared by the Mormon Church, and there is no evidence of a cousin by the name of Eldred (that was Gregory’s birth name). Then again, we’re not Mormon, and I know from my own personal genealogical research that the Mormons sometimes fudge things when trying to put together these family trees (which they do so that individuals may be baptized as Mormon even after they’re dead). So either side could be wrong, and it just comes down to who you want to believe. I personally choose to trust my grandmother. :) Plus Gregory Peck does closely resemble that side of my family.
7. I’ve mentioned it before, but a few years ago I completed a six-month internship as a zookeeper’s apprentice. I got to work with spotted hyenas, warthogs, vervet monkeys, meerkats, emus, and wallaroos (a medium-sized kangaroo). I love animals, so it was really the experience of a lifetime for me. It was ridiculously hard but also ridiculously fun. I honestly miss waking up every morning to clean monkey poop at 8AM. (How’s that for stylish?!?)

And now, the thrilling conclusion of this meme award requests that I tag seven Stylish Bloggers to continue on the legacy of stylish… bloggyness. It was hard to find seven people who hadn’t already received this award, so apologies if anybody I tag has already gotten it. Consider yourself doubly stylish!

1. The eternally-classic Meredith of Forever Classics.
2. The elusive yet delightful Alix and Lindsay of Anatomy of a Classic.
3. The fantabulous J.N. Pickens of Comet Over Hollywood.
4. Rachel of The Girl with the White Parasol, a promising new addition to the cult pack.
5. Stephanie and her deliciously-silly Days of Doris.
6. My good buddy Lara who just started her very own classic film blog Backlots! This girl always out-shined me in Film Studies class and her Judy Garland collection is breathtaking! FOLLOW HER!
7. And last but not least, the lovely Molly of Molly-olly-oxen-free, who doesn’t blog about classic film but is still marvelously stylish in every way. :)


  1. Page

     /  March 28, 2011

    Congrats on your well deserved award Caroline!
    Priscilla Queen of the Desert is a riot! I love that film too. Fun info on Peck

    • Thanks Page! I can still quote every line from that movie, in my sleep probably.

  2. My gosh, Caroline, I actually blushed reading your super kind comments. Thank you.

    All your facts were really interesting, but OMG, you’re related to Gregory Peck!!! STYLISH :) I totally believe your grandma’s side, cool how they greeted each other :)
    Oh, #1, that’s me too. I can’t smoke because I’m asthmatic, I get dizzy just by the disgusting smell of alcohol, I don’t have enough confidence yet to get my license and I don’t think I could ever have a piercing or tatto, because I change my opinion really fast.
    And #7, that’s so cool!!

    Greetings from Chile :)

    • You’re welcome, Clara! There’s also another story where apparently my grandmother told Gregory Peck that he should focus on something else because he wasn’t a very good actor and wouldn’t be successful at it, hahaha.

  3. Congrats on your award and thanks for the tag, Caroline! Also, I’m super jealous that you did an internship at a zoo. Becoming a zoo vet is my dream job!

    • It’s MY dream job too! Except I’ve recently discovered that I’m way too squeamish to actually go into any sort of veterinary medicine, which is very disappointing. :( But it doesn’t mean I can’t still volunteer to hang out with (and clean up after) animals. ;)

      Where do you go to school? My internship was at the Oakland Zoo, which isn’t too far from Davis if you ever plan to study there. I couldn’t recommend Oakland more; they have amazing internship opportunities, and they’re really dedicated to putting the animals’ needs first. (For example, the Oakland Zoo has 100 acres to San Francisco Zoo’s 125, yet Oakland has half as many animals. Not trying to dis SF, just sayin’.) They don’t have all of the “big name” animals that visitors want to see, but they do have a lot of unusual species — I’d never even seen a spotted hyena in a zoo before I went there. It’s just an awesome place.

      • I’m almost done with my first year at Washington State University. I love vet school, but it doesn’t give me a lot of free time (don’t those professors know I have movies to watch and blog posts to write?).

        I’ve never been to the Oakland Zoo, but you made it sound like some place I need to visit in the future. I’ll keep it in mind when I get around to looking for externships. :)

        • It’s a small zoo, and I haven’t been to that many zoos outside of California, but it’s hands-down my favorite one, not only because I spent so much time behind the scenes there but because you can tell how hard they work to make suitable and comfortable exhibits. It’s not a very well-known zoo, but it is nationally recognized for its outstanding (African) elephant exhibit. And if a zoo can keep elephants happy and healthy, you know they’re good. :)

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