June 2011 Theme: Queer Cinema

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever, but it’s only because I’ve been saving up my energy for this very moment. Today is June 1st, which means it’s finally official LGBTQ-and-all-the-letters-in-between Pride Month here in the United States and in many places around the world. Of course this also means that we are but mere weeks away from my Queer Film Blogathon on June 27th, which shall mark the very first time I’ve hosted my own blogathon. Who’s excited?!? I sure am! We’ve already got over thirty marvelous blogs signed on to participate, but there’s still plenty of time to throw your name in the hat if you’re so inclined. All I ask is that you make a post (or posts – as many as you want!) relevant to the subject during the month of June, and then on the 27th, pop on by the offiicial blogathon post on Garbo Laughs and gimme a link. I’ve had a wonderful response to this call for posts so far, and I simply cannot wait to see the fruits of your collective labor!

As promo for my event, and also because I’m just plain fascinated by the topic, I’ll be dedicating the entire month of posts on my blog to the theme of Queer Cinema. I’ll be hearkening alllllll the way back to eight months ago, when I first started Garbo Laughs in October of 2010. That month was dedicated to Horror, and I managed to review one film from each decade from the 1910s to the 1980s. This month I’m going the extra mile and adding the 1990s to the mix as well. Back in October I was young, spry, and full of vigor; writing eight reviews in a month was an easy achievement. Now I have grown hardened and embittered in my old age, and my brain just ain’t as agile as it used to be. Can I really pull off nine reviews in 27 days? That remains to be seen. But with a topic as important, vast and utterly absorbing as queer cinema, I’ll certainly give it my best shot.

I have a lot planned in addition to the film reviews, including original articles, performer profiles, vintage scans, guest posts, and some very special Friday Glam Spams. I do hope you’ll enjoy, and maybe learn something new about Old Hollywood. And if queer cinema ain’t your cup of tea – well then, I’ll see you in July. :)


  1. Brandie

     /  June 1, 2011

    Yay! Looking forward to this month’s posts. Nine reviews in 27 days? No sweat–you can totally do it. :)

    • Ah, but can I do it AND do everything else in my life that requires doing? ;)

  2. I started posting about queer films today. I’ll be here all month. ;)

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