Friday Glam Spam: Lizabeth Scott

Lizabeth Scott

(September 29, 1922)

Image Sources: Gary Cooper 79 (1); Classic Film Scans (2); LIFE (3); RickRaven’sBeak (4); Dr. Macro (5, 6)


  1. What a gorgeous woman! I always liked Scott when she played scheming noir fatales, such as in Too Late For Tears – she seemed to get a kick out of playing sly and devious. And that great voice!

  2. She had one of the best voices in the history of cinema…though it sorta typecast her as a bad girl.

  3. I hope this is part of the blogathon. I’m sure you probably know that Lizabeth Scott was one of the few women in Hollywood to be publicly accused of being a lesbian in the tabloids (she lost her lawsuit, in case it comes up).

    • Yep, that’s why it’s tagged “June 2011 Theme: Queer Cinema.” :) All posts this month are part of the blogathon.

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