Queer Film Blogathon – It’s Tomorrow!!!

Is everyone ready for the Queer Film Blogathon? You better be, because it’s tomorrow! I’m really excited to be hosting my first blogathon, and I’m definitely looking forward to reading everyone’s brilliant contributions. The response so far has been phenomenal, and everything leads me to believe that this is gonna be an event to remember!

Here’s how it’ll go down: In the morning (probably around 7AM PST) I’ll put up a post calling for submissions to the blogathon. Please leave a comment on that post with a link to your contribution (or each of your contributions, if you’re making more than one). When I’ve received your comment, I’ll then go in and edit the post, adding your contribution(s) to the ongoing list of submissions. I plan to be glued to my computer all day to make sure everybody’s contribution is listed quickly – and also so I can read and comment on all the amazing posts!

Worried that it’s too late to sign up as a participant? Don’t fret! Submissions will be accepted from anyone, whether you notified me ahead of time of your intention to participate or not. Of course, you’ve gotta comment with a link to your post so I know it exists.

There is no title requirement for contributions; they just have to include a link back to the blogathon post. (If you made your post earlier in the month and linked it to the initial blogathon post, that’s fine; I’ll update that post with a link to the new post.)

I think that’s about all there is to cover… Questions? Just leave a comment on this post! Otherwise, I’ll see you in the morning! :)


  1. Lillian Behrendt

     /  June 26, 2011


    • I just announced to Molly my prediction that you will lose control of certain bodily functions when you see the drawing she did for my blogathon post.

  2. I have my entries up, but since I can’t get to your official post until late in the afternoon, I’ll give you the links now. I hope that’s okay. Rules were made to be broken or something like that.

    Part 1: http://www.shebloggedbynight.com/2011/06/queer-film-blogathon-glbt-characters-in.html

    Part 2: http://www.shebloggedbynight.com/2011/06/queer-films-blogathon-glbt-characters.html

  3. Here’s my first post. A 1960s adaptation of a classic Japanese novel. I will try to do a second one this evening… which I guess will still be midday on the Pacific coast. http://nishikataeiga.blogspot.com/2011/06/manji-1964.html

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