Bette Davis, a Puppy, and a Tale of Woe

Given that I am on somewhat of a hiatus, perhaps this isn’t the best time to do this. But I am using this wonderful image of this adorable young creature – and holding a puppy, no less! – to deliberately manipulate you all. As a great many of you are probably aware, today Netflix announced a major price hike for its services; my current one-DVD-out-at-a-time plan with unlimited streaming will go from $9.99 to $15.98 per month starting September 1. These days I prefer watching the vast majority of my films on Netflix’s ever-expanding Watch Instantly service; in fact I even have a regular feature where I let readers know which classic films are coming to and expiring from Watch Instantly each month. However, I still rely on the DVD-by-mail portion of my plan to access the many wonderful classic films which are not yet available to Watch Instantly (and the ones that are slowly being ripped away, like, for example, the entire Criterion Collection). While an additional $6 a month for something I use so frequently might not seem like a big deal to many people, given that I am unemployed and at this point have zero income coming in, and have to use my savings to pay for other important things like food and heat, it puts me in a bit of a pickle. Since I do not have cable (and therefore no Turner Classic Movies – I know, the horror), Netflix is really the bread and butter of my blogging career, and when it comes down to it, Garbo Laughs cannot function without it.

This long-winded sob story is really just my way of pointing out that I’ve added a Paypal Donate button to the bottom of my sidebar. I know we’re all in the same boat, and I’m not saying I’ll have to stop blogging if I don’t get a little help paying the Netflix bills. That’s my responsibility, not yours, and it’s not really like I’m in a position where I can ask people to pay me to blog. I’m still a fairly new blogger, and I just haven’t earned that kind of a following yet. I am well aware that times are tough for all of us, and I’m really not expecting to get anything out of this. There are much worthier causes out there than mine. But I gotta at least try.

If you prefer more than just a slight warming sensation in the cockles of your heart for your money, I must also point out that my Etsy shop is still chock-full of wonderful handmade goodies dying to go to the right home.

As for upcoming posts, there are posts upcoming! At the end of the month I’ll be participating in Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear’s Monster Movie Mania, and on August 6th I’ll be joining the ladies at True Classics for their Loving Lucy Blogathon. Who knows, I might even have a few posts up my sleeve before that. (Spoiler alert: I do.) So as always, thank you for reading and stay tuned for the most-likely-imminent return of Garbo Laughs.


  1. If you need other sources for movies, I’ve found YouTube, Hulu and Crackle to be very helpful. All free too.

    • Most of the good movies on Hulu are definitely not free. But thank you. I think for now I’m going to keep the streaming option and get rid of the DVD-by-mail option until I can actually afford it.

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