Friday Glam Spam: Ann Dvorak

Ann Dvorak

(August 2, 1911 – December 10, 1979)

Image Sources: A Person in the Dark (1); Stirred, Straight Up, with a Twist (2); Doctor Macro (3); Wikimedia Commons (4, 5); Powell & Pressburger Images (6); tanimara1 (7); Film Noir Photos (8-12)

Congratulations to Kevyn Knox of The Cinematheque and The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World for being Garbo Laughs’ 100th Facebook fan! He won the privilege of choosing either my next film review or Friday Glam Spam subject; Ann Dvorak was his request. :)

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  1. Love this! Ann Dvorak was really beautiful. I think she doesn’t get enough credit for her beauty (or acting) because she always plays fallen women who jump out windows or go to jail.

    I love the one on the bottom row of her holding the cigarette.

  2. Fantastic. Ann is definitely an actress that gets overlooked. Not willing to play the games one must play in the studio era, her career suffered for it and she was put into lesser films as the years passed.

    Her star in 1932 though – Scarface, The Crowd Roars, The Strange Loves of Molly Louvain, Three on a Match, Sky Devils, Love is a Racket, Crooner – was in top form.

    Beautiful, sexy AND a damn good actress.

    Thanx for letting me chose this one. Keep up the great work.

  3. Yikes! I’m in heaven. I am mad for Ann and am so happy to see her out in public!

  4. such a classic pose, that 4th photo. :)

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