I’m Baaack!

Hey y’all! Remember me?!? My name’s Caroline, and I used to blog about old movies. I would very much like to do that again. Life has been hectic recently: I took over primary blogging duties at On Bipeds & Brutes; I moved from Los Angeles to Tucson, AZ; I even got a dog! (He’s a Dachshund, just like the doggy in this picture with Joan.) I just haven’t had much time to watch films, much less write about them, but now I’d like to do my best to remedy that. We are on the cusp of October, my favorite time of the year for movie-watching (can you say Halloween?!?), and also my blog’s first anniversary. I can’t let that go by without a mention!

But before I get back into the swing of things, I must shamefully admit that, along with my lack of blog-writing, I’ve also been guilty of a lack of blog-reading. There are 518 unread items in my Google Reader feed as I write this, a number that feels too daunting to even attempt to tackle. Do any of you who use (or, let’s admit it, used to use) the journaling site LiveJournal remember when people would go on hiatus and then return and ask you to tell them what had been happening in your life, even though you’d been writing about it all along when they were just too busy to pay attention? I used to hate that. I’m not going to pull that on you. However, if there are any posts you’ve made in the last three months that you feel deserve particular attention, feel free to link them in the comments. :) I’m especially interested in hearing about any upcoming blogging events that I might otherwise overlook! (Plus this is also an opportunity to promote yourself in yet another place, right? It’s a win-win!) I promise to read and comment on any post I’m directed to here, and I promise to at least try to read and comment on the 500+ posts waiting for me in my reader. But that’ll likely take some time.

Meanwhile, I’d like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to Meredith, Clara, and Kevyn for passing on some very nice blog awards to me while I was away! You are all too kind, and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to show my gratitude. I’d also like to apologize to Angela and the Classic Movie Blog Association for missing their Fashion in Film and Guilty Pleasures Blogathons respectively; I really wanted to participate and I’m sorry I couldn’t get myself together in time to do so.

Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding during this busy time in my life. I cannot wait to get back to bloggin’!


  1. Welcome back! And I’m very glad to here you got a dachshund. I have one as well and they really are the cutest, funniest little dogs with so much personality! Have you seen the Disney movie “The Ugly Dachshund” with Suzanne Pleshette? I think you might enjoy it.

    • I haven’t seen it, but now that I have a Dachshund I keep hearing about it! I’ve got to track it down. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hi, and welcome back! I always enjoy your posts. I really liked the excellent post you did on Nazimova’s silent Salome film back in June. I liked it so much that I even quoted you and the post, with a link, in a post I did on Rita Hayworth’s Salome (hope you don’t mind!) – you can read it here at: http://grandoldmovies.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/bring-me-the-head-of-john-the-baptist-rita-hayworth-and-the-unveiling-of-salome/ -thanks!

  3. Welcome back – and congrats on getting one of the coolest dogs ever. I haven’t really written anything all that classic this past month (mainly new releases and New York Film Festival stuff) but I do have a piece that I contributed to The Guilty Pleasure Blogathon. It can be found here: http://themostbeautifulfraudintheworld.blogspot.com/2011/09/cinephiles-guiltless-guilty-pleasures.html.

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