Friday Glam Spam: Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard

(October 6, 1908 – January 16, 1942)

Image Sources: LIFE (1, 2); (3, 4); Doctor Macro (5-12)
This is an official entry in Carole & Co.’s Carole-tennial(+3) Blogathon, celebrating what would have been Carole Lombard’s 103rd birthday (October 6th). This prestigious event, hosted by the premiere Carole Lombard blog, runs from October 6th (yesterday) through October 9th (Sunday). Come check out a plethora of quality entries dedicated to the Queen of Screwball Comedy, and maybe even contribute one yourself!
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  1. Gorgeous photos Caroline!
    Happy Birthday Carole.

  2. Thank you for contributing to “Carole-tennial(+3)!”

  3. Beautiful photos – I like the one with the candles, and the 2 where she’s wearing the black dresses – such glamour!

  4. Was there ever anyone more photogenic? I remember reading a book years ago on the fabulous faces of Hollywood – may have been more than one book – but the faces that took my breath away in glamorous still photos were Garbo, Dietrich and Lombard (where was Hedy Lamarr?!?). You’ve chosen some of Carole Lombard’s best and most diverse (she looks as good in a suit as with her chest nearly completely revealed).

  5. Gorgeous photos! The middle one in the third row has been a long-time favorite of mine.

  6. That photo in the upper left hand corner is one of the few I’ve seen where Carole Lombard actually looks short. Usually her photographs made it look like her legs went on forever. As someone who’s also 5’2″, I’m jealous!

    Excellent selection of photos. I find the reflection one especially haunting.

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