Queer Film Blogathon 2012


Here it is, folks: the post you’ve all been waiting for! (Better late than never, that’s my motto.) Since last year‘s Queer Film Blogathon was such a tremendous, staggering, fabulous, amazing success, it’s only logical that we do it again this year. And so, I ever-so-proudly announce, the second annual Queer Film Blogathon, celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or otherwise non-heterosexual, non-gender-binary depictions or personages in film!

Open to all film bloggers regardless of era or area of focus, this year’s event will be held June 18-22, 2012 — that’s right, this time you’ve got a whole FIVE days instead of just one! Also new this year, we have a co-host: Garbo Laughs will be putting on the event along with our buddies Ashley and Andreas over at the delightful Pussy Goes Grrr! That means any contributed posts will get a link from BOTH sites — that’s double the exposure, kids, which is never a bad thing.

Perhaps best of all (if you’re a greedy materialist like I am), we’ll also be giving away prizes! Both Garbo Laughs and PGG will be holding individual raffles for TWO separate queer-film-related prizes. Although, right now, what exactly those prizes will be is still TBA… but stay tuned for details!

What’s that, you say? Where are the banners? Oh, we got banners. Remember, save and upload them to your own server and then link back to either this post (https://garbolaughs.wordpress.com/2012/05/05/queer-film-blogathon-2012/) or the blogathon post on Pussy Goes Grrr (http://pussygoesgrrr.com/2012/05/06/announcing-the-queer-film-blogathon-2012/) so others can know what it’s all about.

There’s no need to sign up for a particular time slot or subject — since oftentimes (especially with classic film) queer images are so based on personal interpretation, anyone can post about any relevant topic, regardless of whether another contributor has already written about it or not. Feel free to write one, two, or twenty posts — the more, the merrier! If you know now that you want to join the fun, go ahead and comment on this post or the adjacent post on Pussy Goes Grrr to let us know you’re coming to the party!

Participating Sites:
Coffee coffee and more coffee
Crítica Retrô
Deep Red Rum
The Filmatelist
From the Depths of DVD Hell
Garbo Laughs
The Gore-Gore Girl (NSFW)
The Great Katharine Hepburn
The Hollywood Revue
in so many words…
Krell Laboratories
Labuza Movies
The Lady Eve’s Reel Life
Marlene Dietrich: The Last Goddess
Memories of the Future
The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World
The Movie Projector
Oscar’s Bruised Petals
The Other Side
The Projector Has Been Drinking
Pussy Goes Grrr
The Queer Film Blog
She Blogged By Night
Silent Volume
Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence
Sketchy Details
Thrilling Days of Yesteryear
Trash Film Addict
True Classics
What Happened to Hollywood
Wide Screen World
A World of Gods and Monsters


  1. You know I’m doing this again. Last year was a blast.

  2. You can count me in!

  3. Backlots

     /  May 5, 2012

    YAY, it’s Queer Film Blogathon time!! You know you can count me in!

  4. So excited!!!! We may contribute more than one post this year, if that’s cool–I’ll let you know for sure later on. :)

  5. Super excited that this is happening again, and I can’t wait to contribute! :)


  6. Le

     /  May 7, 2012

    Hi! I would love to be part of this blogathon, but I’d know if I can recycle a post about cross-dressing: http://criticaretro.blogspot.com.br/2012/01/sylvia-scarlett-e-yentl-meio-seculo-de.html
    It’s easily translatable.

  7. I want to participate again this year. But I’ll need to find some good horror movies (my blog’s focus). I guess I have some time to think about it.

  8. Rich

     /  May 10, 2012

    Count me in too. I really enjoyed doing this last year.

  9. Alex B.

     /  May 15, 2012

    Last year was awesome, I’m up for another go at queer blogathon!

  10. Thanks for the early announcement!

  11. kevynknox

     /  May 19, 2012

    You can count Kevyn Knox and The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World in on all the fun.

  12. My RSVP musta got lost, to quote the J. Geils Band. Got the movie I’m going to do, so deal me in.

  13. I am definitely going to participate again. (I have changed the name of my blog, but I was In It For The Kills last year.) Thanks for doing the blogathon!

  14. I would really enjoy the opportunity to take part in this blogathon a second year. Not sure what I’ll cover, but that’s part of the challenge.

    Thank you again for making this happen.

  15. Gives me reason to open up a couple of DVDs still sitting on my shelf.

  16. I had a lot of topics in mind that I didn’t get around to doing afterward, so I’d like to participate as well. Thanks for hosting this blogathon!

  17. I’d be happy to submit an archived (but freshly polished) post on DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS or SEX IN CHAINS, both queer-themed silent films. Does that sound good?

    Chris Edwards,
    Silent Volume

    • Sounds just fine, Chris! Feel free to submit one or both. I love Different from the Others.

  18. I’m interested in blogging about Oscar-nominated gay composer/lyricist Jack Lawrence. I became familiar with him through Preston Sturges’ “The Lady Eve” which uses the melody of a hit song for which Lawrence wrote the lyrics, “With the Wind and the Rain in Your Hair,” as its main theme. I soon discovered that Mr. Lawrence, who lived until 2009 and age 96, had a remarkable life and career. Let me know if this idea works for you.

  19. I’d love to participate! Covered the issue of bullying in old hollywood recently, would love to share it there :)

  20. I’m totally in for this blogathon. I have some horror films on the queue that fit this topic quite nicely.

  21. Definitely up for this, as always good to have an excuse to blog about John Waters and Divine :)

  22. I’m gonna write about a Fassbinder movie but I don’t know which one yet but it’s gonna happen and it’s gonna be so great. Also I don’t know where I’m gonna post it but it’s gonna happen for realzies.

    I love yoooouuuu Shmaroline.

  23. I’m not sure if you will find this of use for your blogathon, but I did do a recent set of posts on “Girl Meets Girl” movies. You can find the parent post here: http://tipsfromchip.blogspot.com/2012/04/girl-meets-girl-movies.html

  24. Stacia

     /  June 4, 2012

    I’m in! I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do, but I am in like Flynn baby.

  25. I’ve been wanting to do a post about BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Now seems like the perfect time. Sign me up, K.C.

  26. Oops, you’re not K.C. Sorry. I’m often befuddled. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. But I truly do apologize for mixing up the names, Caroline.

  27. Margaret Perry Movies

     /  June 5, 2012

    I’m s there! Count me in – my first ever blogathon! How exciting!!!

  28. I’m really sorry, but I’ve got to bail on you. I sort of saw it coming, but now I’m sure I’m not going to have the time to participate. It looks like you are going to have a fantastic event. Have fun!

  29. I’ll join the party.

  30. Can we post on any day between the 18th and the 22nd? Or are you assigning dates? I made my own badge to better fit my blog lay-out. :)

    • Any day between the 18th and 22nd. And your banner looks great! Looking forward to your contribution!

  31. Hope it’s not too late! I’d really like to participate. My blog just launched, so I’m still working out a few kinks but will be posting more content soon.

    • lol, Actually I see that I’ve already been added! Thanks! I’m super stoked. ;D

  32. Just posted my contribution on The Great Katharine Hepburn – an in-depth analysis of LGBT themes in SYLVIA SCARLETT (1935), starring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. Hope you enjoy!

  33. Oh, and as I’m participating, I figure I’ll put a link to my blog so it can go in the ‘participating sites’ section on the page if at all possible :)

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