Mutts Matched!

It was a lot of fun coming up with my little game of Match the Mutts a few weeks ago, but apparently it was not quite as fun to solve! The answers and accompanying photos are below, but first, an apology: I totally made a mistake in the quiz. Dog #6 was supposed to be matched with Ginger Rogers, when it is in fact Betty Grable’s dog, who wasn’t even one of the options. I only noticed this error just now as I was gathering the photos to give out the answers. Brain fart!

1 – D (Joan Crawford)
2 – H (Angela Lansbury)
3 – E (Bette Davis)
4 – C (Jane Russell)
5 – B (Debbie Reynolds)
6 – no one! (see above)
7 – G (Olivia de Havilland)
8 – F (Marilyn Monroe)

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