Blogathon! Tomorrow! PRIZES!

The much-anticipated Queer Film Blogathon starts tomorrow! Are you excited?!? I’M EXCITED!!!!!

And just to further entice you, today we (meaning blogathon co-host Pussy Goes Grrr and I) are announcing the raffle prizes we will be giving away to two lucky winners!

Yes indeedy! We are giving you the chance to win one of two bona fide classics in the genre of queer film theory!

My prize is the 1981 (revised 1987) tome The Celluloid Closet by historian Vito Russo, a thoroughly-researched and provocative look at cinematic portrayals of LGBT life which was adapted into the ground-breaking 1995 documentary film of the same name.

Andreas’ prize is the 1986 book Celluloid Gaze (originally published as Conversations with My Elders) by journalist Boze Hadleigh, featuring juicy interviews with six gay men in the film industry, including Rock Hudson, Sal Mineo, and George Cukor.

How exactly you can win these prizes will be announced a little later today, just as soon as I smooth out some details with Andreas (and finish a few hours of that nasty little thing I call “my real job”). You can also follow me and Andreas on Twitter for the latest updates!


  1. Sam

     /  June 19, 2012

    I’m sorry for asking a dumb question, but how exactly does this blogathoon work? Is it a matter of just writing LGBT related film posts/reviews/etc. and linking them here?


    Sam :)

  2. My contribution to the blogathon –

    My top 5 LGBT themed films :)

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