About The Blog

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Q: What is Garbo Laughs?

A: Garbo Laughs is a (mostly) classic film and Old Hollywood appreciation blog founded in October 2010 by me, Caroline, as a place to share my love of the stars of yesteryear and record my impressions of movies I’ve seen.

Q: Who are you? What makes you qualified to discuss classic film?

A: I’m nobody special. Just a 25-year-old gal from Los Angeles (currently living in Tucson, AZ) with a BA in Anthropology/Sociology and a minor in Film Studies. I once wrote a thesis about portrayals of marginalized people in film and television, but I have no other qualifications in particular.

Q: Why should I listen to what you say? Why should I see or not see a particular film based on your appraisal?

A: You shouldn’t. This blog is really for my own edification. But if you find yourself agreeing with some of the points I’ve made in a review of a film you’ve already seen, who knows; maybe you’ll take my recommendations (or warnings) on other films and find a new favorite — but I’m not making any promises. Your mileage may vary.

Q: Do you strictly blog about “old” movies?

A: No. While I try as much as I can to stick to the “classic” era (which, for me personally, is roughly 1915 to 1969), often I can’t help rambling on about more recent flicks. And by “recent” I mean from the 1990s into the 2000s.

Q: What’s with the name Garbo Laughs?

A: I stole borrowed the name from the tagline of the 1939 Greta Garbo film Ninotchka.

Q: So it’s a blog about Greta Garbo?

A: No. It’s just a name. I blog about Old Hollywood in general, not Garbo specifically.

Q: Gotcha. So how many of Garbo’s films have you reviewed?

A: Uh, presently? None.

Q: …Oh. Well. Do you ever intend to review a Garbo film, given that you use her name in the title of your blog?

A: I’m sure I will someday.


Warning – May Contain Feminism!
This isn’t intended to be a political blog, but I did graduate from a women’s college, so you can occasionally expect some big academic words to pop up in my reviews. I’m interested in critical analyses of how films portray gender, race, (dis)ability, sexuality – all that good stuff, so be warned that such serious topics may arise at times. I’ll try to keep it fun, but a lot of the time, dissecting films from a feminist perspective is my idea of fun. If you don’t go for that type of thing, BEWARE! If you do, by all means, leave a comment and participate in the discussion.